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Meat Offerings
Bulk Sausage       $3.15/lb
Salt & Pepper
Sausage Patties   
Salt & Pepper          $3.25/lb
Sage                       $3.25/lb

Casing Sausage  (coil casing)   
Salt & Pepper          $3.25/lb
Bacon                    $5.50/lb
Pork Loin               $3.00/lb
packages weigh between 2-3 lbs.
  Our Pork is raised on our farm.  Our pork is butchered lean. 97% Lean, in fact You will not have the amount of fat you experience with store bought pork.  In fact, if you fry our pork you may need to add a little oil!  

  Try our pork and see why pork has the slogan "the other white meat."
​4- 1/4 patties

Ribeye Steaks   $14.99/lb
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New York 
       Strip Steaks           $10.99/lb
Sirloin Steaks       $7.25/lb

Our ground is 90% lean.  
Wonderful roasts that fall off 
     the bone.
Juicy, flavorful steaks.
Come try what farm fresh, aged 
   to perfection is all about!
Bulk Beef              $5.00
Beef  Patties                     $5.50
English Roast      $6.00/lb
Chuck Roast        $6.00/lb
2 per package- 1" thick
approx 2-lb roasts
approx 2-lb roasts
2 per package- 1" thick
1 per package
1 pound packages

Interested in 1/2's & 1/4's???

We offer sides of beef throughout the year.  Contact us by phone or email to reserve yours.
  • Pork & Beef availability varies                 Call or Email
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