Located in:  Edgerton, OH 
Catering Location: 3211 CR 6
Farm Location: 3357 CR6 & 3957 C/6 
Restaurant: 404 W. Vine St

Meat Offerings
Bulk Sausage       $4.00/lb
Salt & Pepper
Sausage Patties   
Salt & Pepper          $3.25/lb
Sage                       $3.25/lb

Casing Sausage  (coil casing)   
Salt & Pepper          $3.25/lb
Bacon                    $5.50/lb
Pork Loin               $3.00/lb
packages weigh between 2-3 lbs.
  Our Pork is raised on our farm.  Our pork is butchered lean. 97% Lean, in fact You will not have the amount of fat you experience with store bought pork.  In fact, if you fry our pork you may need to add a little oil!  

  Try our pork and see why pork has the slogan "the other white meat."
​4- 1/4 patties

Ribeye Steaks   $14.99/lb
Place an order for pickup or delivery
New York 
       Strip Steaks           $10.99/lb
Sirloin Steaks       $7.25/lb

Our ground is 90% lean.  
Wonderful roasts that fall off 
     the bone.
Juicy, flavorful steaks.
Come try what farm fresh, aged 
   to perfection is all about!
Bulk Beef              $5.00
Beef  Patties                     $5.50
English Roast      $6.00/lb
Chuck Roast        $6.00/lb
2 per package- 1" thick
approx 2-lb roasts
approx 2-lb roasts
2 per package- 1" thick
1 per package
1 pound packages

Interested in 1/2's & 1/4's???

We offer sides of beef throughout the year.  Contact us by phone or email to reserve yours.
  • Pork & Beef availability varies                 Call or Email
  • Pick Up by Appointment
Due to COVID and not being able to get our cattle & hogs into a butcher we will not be selling our meat at this time.  We will let you know when this changes.  Stop by our restaurant The Black Cow or order from our Freshly Assembled Meal Program (F.A.R.M.) and enjoy some our our great meat!!!