Located in:  Edgerton, OH 
Catering Location: 3211 CR 6
Farm Location: 3357 CR6 & 3957 C/6 
Restaurant: 404 W. Vine St

Our Signature TRIPLE-Sweet 
Sweet Corn
The best Sweet Corn you'll have.  Juicy, Tender, & of course SWEET! Come enjoy the best sweet corn in Williams County.
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  • Miniature Pumpkins
  • Large Pumpkins
  • Pie Pumpkins
"We eat what we grow......You should too!"

We grow Our Signature TRIPLE-Sweet Sweet Corn, to Tomatoes, to a variety of Pumpkins & Squash.
Our Homegrown Produce

Due to the Weather we had a TOTAL CROP FAILURE.  We will not have pumpkins this year